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Who Is Vaci?

Pioneer and leading specialist of blueberry wines, Vaci Company has been perfecting its flavor since the 1960s. After years of experimentation, Vaci Company exported American blueberries to cultivate superior organic blueberry strands in many regions, tailored specifically to create the best blueberry wine in the world for high end customers. Vaci Company eventually helped establish and monitor its own blueberry farms in latitude 30 degrees north. Where, the climate, fantastic soil, and diverse topography has produced the highest of quality fresh blueberries. By building on the wisdom of past generations, Vaci Company produces beautiful red-purple, full-bodied wines with an intense fruit flavor year after year.

Why Choose Vaci?

Vaci uses exceptionally sweet organic blueberries planted specifically for Wine which can only be handpicked because of its tender delicate skin. Moreover, Vaci picks the highest of quality blueberries for its wine making, while most blueberry wine producers use soft leftover blueberries that they cannot sell fresh on the market.

We Control Quality From Source

In the blueberry farm, short pruning, intensive canopy management, restricted yields, hand-picking, rigorous selection, and cold fermentation are the key methods used to retain the flavor and freshness of the blueberries in the wine. These careful practices exemplify Vaci Company’s long-standing values-- a strong work ethic, a drive for perfection, and a focus on quality-- values that make their blueberry wine the best in the industry.

Is Vaci Wine American?

Vaci is a Canadian company using American techniques to create its blueberry wine. Vaci localizes its manufacturing and production processes to ensure the freshest blueberry wine for its consumer.